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Install docker on Centos 7

Perform a yum search docker, we can see two docker available:

docker.x86_64 : Automates deployment of containerized applications
docker-io.x86_64 : Automates deployment of containerized applications

Well, at least for today, the docker.x86_64, which is mentioned in , is still 0.11. So please install the docker-io.x86_64, which is 1.0.0-1.el7.

Updated 20140829: there’s more up-to-date repo for docker.

Updated 20150111: it seems the repo is out of managed now. And official repo is upgraded to 1.3.2. Thus the official repo is recommended now.

% # just use original one
% # curl -O https://copr.fedoraproject.org/coprs/goldmann/docker-io/repo/epel-7/goldmann-docker-io-epel-7.repo
% # sudo mv goldmann-docker-io-epel-7.repo
% # yum update
% # yum install docker-io
% sudo service docker start
Redirecting to /bin/systemctl start docker.service

EPEL 7 for Centos 7

To install EPEL-7

Also, enable it by default, edit /etc/yum.repos.d/remi.repo and set ‘enable=1’ under section of [remi] and [remi-

Install GNU gcc 4.8.2 on CentOS 6.4

Install pre-requirements:

Download and extract gcc 4.8.2 source tar ball:

Build and install:

 % make; make install<