MySQL Connector C++ on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

I’ve trying to use MySQL Connector C++ for my project, here the example code (retrieved from official site): Read More

Compile and Install Growl 1.3 via XCode 4.3 on Lion

Growl notifier has been updated to 1.3.x last year, and it also became a paid software. Since it’s open-sourced, so I decided to build it myself. The steps are quite simple, just follow the documentation you will be fine. Just be sure you have mercurial (hg) command line tools. Read More

WordPress on dotcloud

My AWS EC2 free tier is expired, so I switched to a fully-dotcloud-hosted site (originally I’ve host MySQL on dotcloud). Here are some notes we need to take care. Read More

Using ssh to upgrade wordpress plugins

Using ftp to upgrade wordpress plugins is not a safe way: you will need to open the ftp port and have a ftpd daemon just for upgrading wordpress. Read More

MySQL on dotcloud

To run MySQL on dotcloud is very easy, just follow the documentation: Read More

Deploy django project to dotCloud

QuickNote: follow the Official guide may not be enough. Read More