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Fix: Unit “containerd.service” has failed

When I upgraded yum packages, docker service had stopped. So I check the system status try to figure out the root cause….

After google ‘Subject: Unit “containerd.service” has failed’, we can find a related github issue. It seems to be a containerd problem than a docker problem, and here’s the fix: (the following shows the before and after)


[GCP] Create disk from snapshot of another project

Step 0: create snapshot from desired disk, example name: disk-snapshot-20171026

Step 1: copy the selfLink from snapshot’s equivalent REST response: projects/another-project/global/snapshots/disk-snapshot-20171026

Note: One can get the link via the following command:

Step 2: execute the following command (replace current-project and asia-east1-a with your own project and zone, respectively)